Who We Are

3rd Place is a collaboration between the Episcopal and Presbyterian (U.S.A) Churches that provides opportunities for people to experience a sense of connection, community, and belonging. We partner with a variety of faith communities, non-profits, student groups, and artists to create spaces where people can be known by their community, pursue justice, explore spirituality and express themselves creatively. Check out our events and get involved.


The Meaning of "3rd Place"

The term “3rd Place” was coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg and refers to spaces within a society where people gather outside of their home- their first place- and work/school- their second place. 3rd Places are essential in the social vitality of a community. These public and neutral spaces foster genuine and authentic human connection and develop a sense of belonging in a community.


Partner with 3rd Place

3rd Place partners with a variety of groups, artists, individuals, and student groups to provide one-time or reoccurring community programs. Those interested in working with 3rd Place can read over our FAQ page and community standards to learn about the types of programs and events we host. If your idea fosters connection, community, and belonging, fill out an event inquiry form on our Contact Us page. Visit our Community Partners page for more information about weekly events at 3rd Place.

Our Location

3rd Place is located at 132 Appalachian Street in Boone, North Carolina, next to Insomnia Cookies. We are within walking distance of Appalachian State University and King Street. Come say hello!